Step 1. Install Binance Chain Wallet on your browser

To create a new wallet with BSC wallet, you will need to install the extension first. You can install Binance Chain wallet for Chrome and Firefox. In this tutorial, we will be using Firefox as an example, but the process is the same for all browsers.

And that’s it! You have successfully installed the Binance Chain Wallet extension in Firefox!

Create a Binance Smart Chain wallet

  1. Click on “I do not own a wallet”

  2. Choose your own password

  3. Click on “Continue”

  4. Write down your mnemonic phrase. This is your private key that will be used to recover your wallet. Do not share this phrase with anyone.

Note: Please choose a strong password

Congratulations! You have created your Binance Smart Chain wallet.

Recover your account with Mnemonic Phrase

  1. Install Binance Chain extension by following the previous steps

  2. Click on “I own a wallet”

  3. Enter your mnemonic phrase and choose a new password

  4. Click on “Get started”

Now you are all set! The next step is to connect your wallet to the Refinable marketplace.

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