In order to buy an NFT you need to be connected to Refinable with your digital wallet with the necessary funds required to buy the collectible.

Buying a fixed price NFT:

Go to the item page you want to buy. Click on BUY NOW on the right hand side. A confirmation message will appear. After clicking I UNDERSTAND, your wallet will pop up to sign the transaction. Once the transaction is verified, the NFT is yours! You can find the purchased NFT in your profile under your collectibles section.

Buying an auctioned NFT:

If the NFT you're interested in is up for auction, you need to place a bid higher than the latest bid. The user with the highest bid at the end of the auction becomes the owner of the NFT.

To place a bid, go to the item page you're interested in and click on PLACE A BID. A window will appear to input your bidding price and confirm. Once your bid is placed, your wallet will pop up to sign the transaction.

Please note that when placing a bid, the amount is taken out of your balance. If you get outbidded and don't want to place a higher bid, you original bid will be refunded when the auction ends OR when there are more than 3 higher bidders above you.

Reselling purchased NFTs:

You are free to keep your purchased NFT in your collection or relist it for sale.

To relist for sale, go to the item page and click LIST FOR SALE OR AUCTION on the right

Put in your FIXED PRICE or the STARTING BID, START TIME and END TIME of the auction.

Keep in mind that only unique NFTs can be auctioned. Multi-edition NFTs can only be sold at a fixed price.

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