Step 1: Download & Install the SafePal Wallet Application on your mobile device

SafePal app can be download from both the IOS and Android app stores on your mobile device. Links are provided below:

Apple users:

Android users:

Step 2: Setup the SafePal App

Users can create a software wallet through the SafePal app.

Step 3: Creating a password for you account

Users have the option to create a pattern password for extra layer of security.

Step 4: Create a Software Wallet

After setting up password, users are required to enter the security password tcreated on SafePal's main page.

Users can rename their wallet and select the number of mnemonics phrases (up to 24) they wish to use. Please backup your mnemonic phrase by selecting the Back up my phrase button and agreeing to all the notices.

Once users have successfully backed up your mnemonic phases, the Software Wallet is ready to use.

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