If you're using a Metamask wallet, you'll notice that purchased NFTs don't automatically appear in your wallet.

There is a simple way to manually add the NFT to your Metamask wallet.

Please note that Metamask is only accepting unique NFTs (ERC-721) at the moment and not multi-edition NFTs (ERC-1155).

Please make sure you are connected to the right network when adding NFTs to your Metamask (Example: If you want to add an NFT that was bought on Binance Smart Chain, make sure you're connected to BSC).

First, open your Metamask wallet and go to your NFT library:

Next, click on +ADD NFTs at the bottom of the page:

You'll need to input the Contract Address and the Token ID:

To get that information, go to your purchased item on Refinable. On the item page, click on "View on BSCscan" on the right hand side.

You can find the contract address and token ID at the top of the page.

Add that information into the Metamask fields, click on ADD at the bottom, and you'll see your NFT appear in your wallet!

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