There may be multiple reasons for an insufficient funds error.

  1. That the wallet actually does not have enough funds due to the additional gas/transaction costs required

  2. Incorrect network selected so token balances are not the same

  3. Wallet connected with Refinable is not the wallet selected

Not enough funds

Every transaction will require the user to provide additional funds to account for gas costs. This extra amount is variable but will need to be submitted along with the sale or bid amount at the time of purchase.

For more information about what gas fees are, please visit this link.

On the Metamask wallet, you can view the maximum gas fee costs for this transaction on the confirmation screen. See below for highlighted section.

Incorrect network

Refinable supports multiple networks and their NFTs. Every item is associated with a particular blockchain network. Make sure you are on the correct network in your wallet to view the correct balances for the item.

On the Metamask browser extension, you can select which network you want to access via the dropdown on the header, as highlighted below/

Incorrect Wallet Connection

Metamask allows multiple wallets to be stored at one time. However, on Refinable, only 1 wallet may be connected at one time. Once connected with your wallet, you will see your profile information listed in the top-right header.

Because of multi-wallet support on Metamask, you can run into a situation where the wallet shown on Metamask is not the same as the wallet connected to the Refinable marketplace.

In this situation, ensure your wallet on Metamask is connected to Refinable by clicking on the 'Not connected' status, then select the wallet you do want to switch to.

In this example, I'll be switching to my Account 2, and after clicking "Connect", my Account 2 is now showing Active on this screen.

Navigating back to the main Metamask page, you'll see the status has updated to Connected with a green dot next to it. This means the wallet shown on Metamask is indeed connected to the current application.

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