When a user takes an action on an NFT, what actually happens is they are communicating with the public blockchain!

Every signing and confirmation you do send a message to the public computers to process. Each action may require multiple stages to process and Refinable has implemented a clear status viewer to track the progress of your actions.

For example, when creating an NFT there are 2 main stages

  1. Uploading the attachment to IPFS

  2. Creating an NFT record on the blockchain

There may also be a third step included for users looking to create an NFT and list it for sale right after its creation. As seen in the screenshot below.

Once a user is prompted to sign a transaction with their wallet, the transaction is then sent to be confirmed by the blockchain operators. Usually, this process is not instant because it takes time for different computers to confirm the same transaction (ensuring a high degree of confidence in your transaction). Refinable takes a standard 3 block confirmation approach before acknowledging a transaction has indeed, safely gone through. All this data can be verified on the block explore such as Etherscan, Bscscan, and Polyscan.

So in the Minting and Listing stages, after the user signs the transaction with their wallet, there is a short period of waiting before Refinable can continue.

On faster networks such as BSC or Polygon, this 3 bock confirmation can be achieved in 10-20 seconds, however, on busier networks such as Ethereum, it may take 3-6 minutes.

As time goes on, you may notice your transaction will continue to acquire more block confirmations!

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